Kittel Katten (kittel_kat) wrote in xellosfilia,
Kittel Katten

New blood in the community.

Hi, I’m new to this community, and actually also to writing Xel-Fil fics as well. When I was finishing off my other fic (with the traditional pairs), I was encouraged to have go at Xellos/Filia.

So I did.

I’m still working on the remaining chapters, and I can’t guarantee anything for update-speed, but I figured that you guys might be interested. I really enjoy the pair, seeing how there are so many possibilities in and facets of their relationship.

For this fic I went with the most unimaginative of excuses (lock two people in a room), but challenged myself to make a read-worthy story of it anyhow. Not sure I’m succeeding, but it really is great fun!

The story is sort of a continuation of my previous story, hence the title, but can easily be read alone.

Title: Retaliation for Love and Justice.
Rating: T’ish in time, I guess.
Pairings: Xellos/Filia with traditional couples in the background.
Warnings: Sappy, fluffy and tension?
Disclaimer: I don’t own Slayers or any involved character. I’m also not earning money with this fan fiction; I wrote it for the shits and giggles. ;)
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