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Translated lemon Fanfic

Title: The Dance

Author: ValeMukka

Translated from italian to english by jadehaku

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Filia, the golden dragon, loses herself to mist of an ancient celebration; and a dark figure attends to her in the shadows.

Translators Notes: This is a story I found on what was left over from a dead site. It was orginally a story in italian so be sure to tell me if the translation seems natural or any feedback at all ^__^ It's kinda a PWP with xelloss and filia but I thought their weren't too many out there so I decided to translate it.


The veiled curtains of the bed canopy is closed, so you can not clearly distinguish the shape of the one who observes.

He gazed at her smooth, bathed in satin, beautiful, pale and sinuous body covered only by a short white silk slip. The hair, loose, fell like a golden river, on three pillows, whilst one arm was raised it did not fail to highlight the soft lines of her figure, From the tempting bosom to her tight tiny waist, Drifting on to the sweet hips and ending on her long and perfect legs.

He wore a mask.

Everyone at the celebration was wearing one.

It was a celebration for her . . . A note of thanks to Lon, an exaltation of all that is, and all that was to be. Confirmation of the hopes of all living creatures, a feast of life and joy.

Once every ten years, all the forces of good gather around together in honor of her powerful magnificence by themselves, abandoned to singing, dancing, and drinking; praising the force of her good will. All the while partaking in love affairs, and often ending up in a corner somehow with a succulent damsel, maybe two.

Why does this celebration cause you to return you to your primitive impulses? A desperate search for those instincts that too many rules and too many preconceived notions that society uses, relentlessly. The celebration was the true madness, a frenzy that takes over hundreds of noble creatures. Oh and what unleashed amusement this had caused for the Mazoku, however, they had to carefully avoid getting close to the festivities. Too much positive energy, atleast in the end the majority of them consumed so much alcohol they were surely all drunk. Though, not enough he thought.

As mentioned earlier, all those at the celebration were wearing masks; to conceal their identity, their rank, their relationships. At the party, gentlemen, nobody has a identity. Nobody wants one.

It was there that Filia Ul Copt had lost hers at that time of night; perhaps she left it when she went to enjoy her drink; possibly to have a few more quick drinks, or maybe she had too many light drinks.

I shouldn’t be letting this get to me, yet the feelings of anger arose in him again on thoughts of causing devastating destruction, to ravage, but he held back, again, and continued to be the constant observer.

He rarely has thoughts of that day but he does remember from time to time about the dark star incident. In the end ValGaav had grown into a refined young man. He now could be seen as almost human no matter how faraway the actual truth might have been, he was existing in a peaceful way now. Shining brightly. Though the road of conduct she faced was wrought with pain, confusion and loneliness.

So many lovely wounds . . .


She had long given up attending to social events for the forces of good, for any occasion . . . but she never would have abandoned this party.

No, you can’t help but want to take part in this celebration.


He loved this one party. It was kind of like a sort of ancestral love, thanks to it, the dragon that rooted herself in his deep unfathomable, black heart was there. He was completely sure that was her but he wasn't known to be wrong often. Nevertheless, seeing as she was here . . .

It has been many long years haven’t it faithful priestess? Hmm, you have never allowed yourself to be with those who would embarrass or be savage in nature. Yet you yearn for someone with whom you could show your ever burning passion to and with whom would return those desires that would turn in to the untamed behavior you had spent so much of your life avoiding. Behaviors of those who would undress in public, those who would be intoxicated and partake in sinful relations with whom know whom.

She was forever only concerned over her profound ideals, ideals that had been proven to be nothing but illusions. There was a naughty smirk that was full of mocking derision, concealed behind that grand mask.

No, even knowing all that, she wouldn’t be one to actively quench her urges.

I can see that you hunger to be possessed. Fortunately for you, he thought with a little giggle I’m here. It would seem this feast will have other reasons to be amusing tonight. Oh yes. There are the 2 of us he thought as he tried to scan the crowd of masked men and women. Maybe it was the amount of positivity that was melded with the lust and intoxication but he found it a bit annoying that he couldn't exactly pinpoint her aura signature. H let out a light sigh as his genki expression returned.

He went there to have an entertaining time.; merge easily with the frenzied commoners, go back to the primitive instincts, leave behind the awful turn with which has taken over his existence. No, let’s be fairly honest. I did not want to have fun; I wanted to destroy them. Only for one night, or possibly forever. What difference would it have done?

Valgaav was on the crowded dance floor, now that dancing overran the ballroom. His eyes returned to the most well dressed lady, wearing a blood red vermilion dress that had long slits running up the sides. Though it was just a tad bit revealing than what he imagined she would wear, he found he wasn’t complaining.

The lady had retrieved her mask earlier and now he could clearly see the elaborate carvings of a golden sun set within a moon over ivory that shielded her face from him.

He from that moment on wanted that being for himself, to please and play with as he wished.

The man came forward, he a few inches taller than she., elegantly dressed. With that odd black mask that so reminded her of the fallen night which showed inscribed ancient symbols upon its surface. Magnetic, and yet different, she didn’t know why that came to mind but found it to be incredibly appropriate; it was different. She did not know how, but it was. He strenched a white gloved hand and asked for a dance. She is drunk, entertained, and accepted. Why not?

They were close, swinging to the rhythm of the tribal music. They were bound together, hand in hand, ones to hold on to tonight, both breathless because of the interior of their masks, their traveling hands ran along each others bodies in bold caresses.

His mistress hadn’t even had this effect on him, he held her tighter, secure, but something still bothered him, something compelled him to this elusive woman. Ah so that was it, he thought with a smile as he traced a single finger down her lengthy tail, . . . well atleast I know for sure now. why didn’t I sense it before?

Thanks to that clue, he finally grasped that it was filia. Somebody had to come to this party . . .one who never was required to be there. With amusement in his voice and a teasing light in his eyes, he leaned forward and whispered,

“Perhaps it would be best if we left here . . . I know a lovely place.”

He parted the curtains of the study and held out his hand to her, having her delicate hand grasped in his own as he led her further in, still wearing the mask.

He took off his gloves to finally touch that bare skin, he caressed her neck down to her shoulders, where he brushed his hands gently up to remove her cloak out of the way . . .

Then they returned to lightly feel back up to her neck until they reach the edge of her mask, which was quite pressing at the moment. At last he was about to take away the mask, in a vain attempt he was slightly prying the mask away little by little when he found his attempts were in vain. A hand covered his own to stall his movements.

“After you, stranger.” Her arm reached out to in front of her as she backed away a little, stopping his movements. Afterall they didn’t need to hurry.

Even though he couldn’t see her face, yet he could guess the underlying meaning behind her words. He grinned an a amused smile from behind that strange and obscure mask. The same hand that had sent shivers through his being suddenly shot out, with a single gesture the covering of his face flew away.

The soft wisps of amethyst colored hair slowly fell back down to lie against his skin as she looked as those cat slitted eyes that held so much amused curiousity.

“Surprised?” With now tousled hair, he likewise abruptly, easily, with elegant proficiency sent the mask she was wearing on it’s way to the back of the room.

He was met with the flushed cheeks of Filia. Perhaps caused by the heat the mask generated. Or perhaps all the alcohol she had swallowed. Or for the feeling of joy, fear and desire to indulge in this madness.

Xelloss Metallium bent over her, wrapping his arms around her being, those soft lips and insistent mouth that tasted of passion returned to her lips over and over as if to somehow quench a hunger neither one could understand. A loud child-like cry escaped from her as xelloss’s fingers almost frantically tried to release her from her dress . . . while one of his hands felt the smooth softness of the her skin, his other hand slid underneath the hem of her slip. Now that her dress was out of the way . . . The boards creaked as they got up on the bed, all his weight shifted above her as he leaned in closer , his mouth closed in on her in what could be seen as an angry kiss. So just like that he turned his head and bit into her pleasure point. Closing his eyes, the demon savored the pleasure of being stripped by those elegant fingers with such tenacity. Thousands of sensations crowded his mind; the scent of Filia, the roundness of her hips . . . and without warning that hand forced it’s way into his trousers, his member had been already deeply swollen since earlier that evening. Xellos’s breath stopped from that action, he then grabbed on to Filia almost timidly, lost in light touches, soon he lowered his lips with a playful smile while enjoying the taste of her willing lips. Almost gratefully, he moved slowly down her body, tracing a secret language along the path of her hot body, enjoying every shiver, every scream from her.

His fingers finally found the gap between her thighs, sliding slowly in to touch the bud that had desire him for so long, with skillful strokes he continued to play with her, his lips returned to suckling her breasts with gluttony. The hand of Filia rubbed over him with such prowess, from the tip to the base, her fingers tickled his most sensitive part relentlessly. She was going to drive him crazy.

Now that’s enough foreplay . . .

Time to get out all the desire he has suffered because of her for years, he grabbed her hips, lowering his nakedness, pounding in and pushing out with enthusiasm in that dark and humid tunnel, lost were they within a pleasure that neither thought possible.

With a scream that echoed the hint of her true form’s resonance, her golden tail shot out and wrapped around one of xellos’s bent legs. She raised her arms, clinging to his neck, biting his left shoulder until a small line of black liquid was trickling down. The bed swung backwards and forwards to their furious rhythm. And shadows and lights fused . . .

She was so close to his chest, her thighs against his narrow hips, pressed flesh to flesh, he moved even more deeply in the woman, as if doing so would reveal all of her secrets. In that dragon. In my enemy.

The beautiful, dragoness’s pale back arched, a sharp scream leaving her parted mouth, behold, she has reached the apex, he felt as tight as a quiver, he lunged forward as he gave her another powerful kiss. His speed increases as the light from the dawning sun was getting closer . . . more . . . more . . .

Must not shout; Xelloss told himself, Filia only felt a slight change of breath before getting the feeling of hot liguid splashing inside of her. He was in a cold sweat, their was nothing like the pleasure of a double strike, their always the best . . . closing his eyes, their lips met. He hardly had the strength to leave her. Best to wait a little while . . .

With a start the dragon lady woke up.

Where? Oh, yes. The party . . .

She was leaning against a table, she must have slept through the night, around her, other party goers, had fallen asleep drunk in the ballroom.

Her memory was foggy, searching for some sort of explanation, the only sensible reason was that she must have drank too much.

“What a dream . . . No, what a nightmare! Her mind yelled at her, telling her to never touch alcohol again. Some of the details were starting to come back, the kisses, the thrills of pleasure, she was almost forced to admit that it was in no way a ‘nightmare’. Indeed.

Her eyes darted from here to there, looking for something she wasn’t sure of, then her eyes fell on an object that startled her with great surprise.

In front of her resting on the table was a perfect red rose, resting beside it was a strange black mask that was adorned with ancient symbols.

“Oh, no . . .”

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