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Forbidden Passion

Xellos and Filia: A love story?

Xellos and Filia: A love story?
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Join the approved fanlisting for Xellos and Filia fans!

This is a community for the people who appreciate the Xellos/Filia pairing in the Slayers -- but not just for them. While we don't tolerate flamers or bashers, we welcome open-minded discussion on the pairing, beliefs about the Mazoku and Dragons, and how a relationship between the two might go -- for better or for worse.

This is not a Val/Filia bashing community, and it will not be tolerated. The moderator likes both pairings, and besides, xellosfilia's sister community is valfilia. We're all fans here, let's play nice and enjoy our sandbox, and let's not end up on </a></b></a>fandom_wank. ^_^

On Topic:
  • Pros, Cons, and generalized fannish squealing over Xellos, Filia, and/or the pairing. ^_^
  • Discussions about the Slayers in general and other pairings, although there's more generalized communities available for that, so keep it to a minimum.
  • Fanfiction: drabbles, one-shot short stories, and links. Please give the title, rating, summary, and genre, then place the actual story behind an LJ-CUT. G through NC-17 fanfics are allowed.
  • Canon and Fan Art (including doujinshi pics): nothing greater than 300x300 pixels without an LJ-CUT. No more than one image without an LJ-CUT. No hentai pictures allowed, since those can be more troublesome to an open-age community than just 'fics. If you don't know how to do an LJ-CUT, just copy and paste the bit below:
    • <lj-cut> (produces this: ( Read more... )
    • <lj-cut text="your own words here"> (produces this: ( your own words here )
    • </lj-cut> - put this after the portion you want behind the cut if using more than one cut per post, or want to say something else after the cut, but don't want that behind the cut.

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