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Forbidden Passion [entries|friends|calendar]
Xellos and Filia: A love story?

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Xellos x Filia Fans!!! [10 Jul 2014|02:10pm]

For the fans!!!

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X/F Doujinshi for Sale [31 Aug 2009|12:37am]

Humble greetings, all. I have a Xelloss/Filia doujinshi for sale HERE . Please check it out if you're interested!

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Beloved Enemy Site [24 Jul 2009|05:53pm]


As some may know, I've made a xellos/filia forum so now I come to present you all the official site 'Beloved Enemy' which is the forum's counterpart. We have loads of pics, downloads, profiles and I'll work on having much more on there soon. So I hope to see some xellos and filia fans on there!


~ jadehaku
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Xellos/filia Oneshot [23 Jun 2009|09:37pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Title: Battle at Tea Time

Summary:   Xelloss decides to visit Filia and have their usual tea time battle. ^__^

Pairing: Xellos/Filia

Authors Notes: Though I translated parts from a  japanese story, I added more than half of the story so I kinda see this as my own written work. Tell me what ya thought ^__^ Feedback  is Luv!

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Some fanfics I'm looking for . . . [20 Jun 2009|12:22am]

[ mood | silly ]

So I'm still on my xellos/filia fanfiction hunt and their is still a couple stories by one of my favorite fanfic writers, Zanne Chaos that I have yet to locate. Their are three stories that were in a trilogy called, 'Impossible Dreams Trilogy'. The titles of the stories is as follows; To right the unrightable wrong, to fight the unbeatable foe and to bear with unbearable sorrow

Also, their was  a short story (I forgot the name) that she wrote that was about Xellos talking to Philionel about getting a temple that worships animals built in Seyruun. I tried looking through some of her LiveJournal's but I still couldn't find it. If anyone has these stories saved or a link to where they are you would make me the happiest person around and I'd give ya cookies! Lol ^_^ 

~ jadehaku

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Translated lemon Fanfic [16 Jun 2009|11:08pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Title: The Dance

Author: ValeMukka

Translated from italian to english by jadehaku

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Filia, the golden dragon, loses herself to mist of an ancient celebration; and a dark figure attends to her in the shadows.

Translators Notes: This is a story I found on what was left over from a dead site. It was orginally a story in italian so be sure to tell me if the translation seems natural or any feedback at all ^__^ It's kinda a PWP with xelloss and filia but I thought their weren't too many out there so I decided to translate it.

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Where is everyone?? [06 Jun 2009|10:29pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Are we all DEAD???   Come on my minions!!!!  We must rally together and ......and..............  *blink-blink*......... uumm......... Join the new forum Jadehaku made for Xellos/Filia fans!!!!  
hmm.......  maybe if I post a couple of screenshots of the couple........... yes....perhaps this will get some attention.......(probably not but meh...it's better than doing nothing!!!  :P )

Awww.....ain't they cute????  

This is one of my faaavorite images of these two!!!!  hee hee!!! 

I just thought it was funny...................  ha ha........ :P   lol heh heh

Yay images of them freaking out!!!   ...........hee hee.......

Ok, done for now!!!  I have a butt-load of images........ but I want more!!!!!  :D   

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Fanfic hunt [28 May 2009|01:56am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hey all, um i need some help (Noo, not mental help . . . ^__^ lol) A fav fanfic of mine was recently deleted by the author for her own reasons, but I'm trying to find anyone who may have saved it. It was a pretty popular fanfiction so someone, somewhere might have it. It's called the pledge by Nicci Rockdad. It's basically about how some dragon clan kidnaps val and leaves filia for dead but then xellos comes and has her make a pledge with him and so now filia has to work for xellos in order to gain his help in getting val back. Please help (I'm giving the puppy dog eyes here) ^__^

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New music video [16 May 2009|05:13pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

I made a brand-new music video that is based on the latest fanfiction I read (you can find it in a earlier post) called Slayers: Faces. Tell me what you think of it ^__^

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An Amazing Xel/fi fanfic [11 May 2009|08:09pm]


So as I was searching the net for old fanfics of xellos and filia, I came across this AMAZING fanfic that had me up till 4am reading it. This story grasped the atmosphere that makes up the slayers series. Not to mention that their are tons of hillarious scenes as well as heart-wrenching ones. I don't want to spoil much but xellos his going through a monster's version of 'heat' called peak and the person he's set on making his mate is a certain dragon ^__^ I found it interesting that story centered on xellos being the one in heat, from my experience reading fanfics filia is the one cast in that role usually. Their is the pairing of syphiel/zelgadis that's in there but I kinda skimmed through it and read the xellos/filia scenes. It's definately worth the read! The story is set in a 3 part novel trilogy (when reading prepare for some loonng readin')

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/175295/1/Slayers_Faces  The first story establishes the zel/syphiel storyline but their are many classic xellos scenes and reading this is neccesary in understanding the xellos/filia stuff in the next installment.

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/250296/1/Faces_After  This where the the xellos/filia storyline starts and it's quite the ride ^__^

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/547522/1/Faces_Finale  The last part of the trilogy.
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Xellos/Filia New Forum [04 May 2009|07:24pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Just wanted to let anyone who may be interested in knowing that I created a new slayers forum for the characters xellos and Filia Ul Copt called Beloved Enemy. It serves as a forum to discuss anything relating to the couple,characters,anime etc. I created the forum for the pairing of xellos/filia but their are sections to discuss the individual characters only, if that's your preference. I'm trying to get every xellos/filia fanfiction posted on the forum so . . . I'll need the wonderful slayers fans assistance. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new forum!


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Japanese Fanart sites [21 Apr 2009|07:47pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I was browsing around for some xellos/filia pics and I found a few japanese sites that had some nice art so I thought I'd share ^__^

clicky for the xel/filly-nessCollapse )

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xellos fanfic set during slayers revolution [21 Apr 2009|07:10pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Damn it, I'm gonna bring some life to the xellos/filia fandom even if it kills me! Anyway I found a fanfic on xellos showing up at filia's with a friend and it's set during the timeframe of slayers revolution. It's a pretty cute story, Oh and I didn't write this, I'm just sharing ^___^


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New blood in the community. [23 Dec 2008|10:23am]

Hi, I’m new to this community, and actually also to writing Xel-Fil fics as well. When I was finishing off my other fic (with the traditional pairs), I was encouraged to have go at Xellos/Filia.

So I did.

I’m still working on the remaining chapters, and I can’t guarantee anything for update-speed, but I figured that you guys might be interested. I really enjoy the pair, seeing how there are so many possibilities in and facets of their relationship.

For this fic I went with the most unimaginative of excuses (lock two people in a room), but challenged myself to make a read-worthy story of it anyhow. Not sure I’m succeeding, but it really is great fun!

The story is sort of a continuation of my previous story, hence the title, but can easily be read alone.

Title: Retaliation for Love and Justice.
Rating: T’ish in time, I guess.
Pairings: Xellos/Filia with traditional couples in the background.
Warnings: Sappy, fluffy and tension?
Disclaimer: I don’t own Slayers or any involved character. I’m also not earning money with this fan fiction; I wrote it for the shits and giggles. ;)

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fic - Of Secrets Unkept [06 Dec 2008|02:35pm]

*nudges dead community*

My first time in the Slayers fandom and I have, as expected, fallen prey to the Xellos fascination. Here's my attempt at procrastinating Yuletide something that's probably more psychological than anything else:

Title: Of Secrets Unkept
Pairing: Filia Ul Copt x Xellos
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3700
Summary: Post-TRY. Xellos is still dropping by for visits; Filia is no longer certain what to make of it. Psychological.

It will never be enough, but the day that she’s truly happy is the day that he leaves her forever. )
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[06 May 2008|12:47pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hi guys! Just dropping a message about a Yahoo group I just joined, which is looking for recruits:


Hope everyone is having a great May! I don't know how active this community is anymore, but I can post new art if anyone wants it!

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New fanfiction and buckets of fanart! [27 Dec 2007|09:46pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Now that Christmas is over, allow me to show you guys some long overdue images and fanfics:

http://amberpalette.deviantart.com/art/Blue-Slayers-Part-1-72375213 <--Part one of a fanfic. MAKE SURE to read the disclaimer. I will put it up at fanfiction.net soon for comments, or you can make them to me here.

Art under the LJ cut:

YINYANGCollapse )

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Giftart for my friend CoralTea [02 Oct 2007|11:20pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Namagomi-nessCollapse )

Lily, CoralTea here at LJ, had a bad day, and she and I have decided it would be hilarious and touching in an eccentric way to give Xelloss and Filia hybrid hatchlings (we actually have these complex metaphysical theories as to how, LOL) and so I doodled the idea. The little boy is the blond and he would be very much like Trigun's Nicholas Wolfwood. The little girl is the purplehead and she would be painfully shy and melancholy until you pushed certain buttons, then BOOM. Lol.

Also can someone PLEASE tell me where I can find a Filia pin??? I bought a little Xelloss chibi pin but dammit I want a Filia, LOL.

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Last Post For a While, I Swear! [30 Sep 2007|01:43pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

More XelFi goodness. The early sketch. I would LOVE suggestions for a color scheme. Meant to be warm and wistful, outside and a little chilly in autumn.

AWWWCollapse )

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Fanfictions, by demand [29 Sep 2007|01:16pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

By demand of a couple of gracious ladies who attend this community, here are links to my XelFi fanfictions (two stories and one one-shot) at, respectively, fanfiction.net and deviantART.com. I would post them all here under a cut but I think it might be easier for everyone at this point to do it this way. :^)

"Limbo." My first XelFi story, and generally my most popular. A year or so post-TRY. Filia and Xellos give in to their weird but undeniable romantic attraction, and slowly but surely develop a real and enduring relationship. Disturbed by Filia's interference in Xellos's activities, the mazoku lords intervene. In the crossfires, Filia learns from Deep Sea Dolphin's mazoku general, Riksfalto (who appears in the manga Slayers: Knight of Aqualord), the shocking history of Xellos's origins--a history of which Xellos himself is unaware. What will Filia do with this new knowledge? LINK: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3459756/1/Limbo

"Night Light." About five or six years post-TRY. Filia, newly made a Knight of Ceiphied by Luna Inverse, is brutally mauled by a monster and taken to an underground Golden Dragon temple by Dragon Elder Milgasia (who appears in NEXT) to convalesce. There is a chance she may die. Her adoptive son Valteira (formerly Valgaav) is deeply shaken and self-isolates. He has troubling recollections of his past life as a rampaging hybrid. After all the other Slayers prove incompetent or incompatible as surrogate parents to Val, Xellos steps in to assume a startlingly skillful paternal role. Can he help Val? This fic has gotten either rave reviews or flames. It is actually the one of which I am most proud. LINK: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3582314/1/Night_Light

"Pieces of His Shell." A one-shot. The reborn Valteira (formerly Valgaav) hatches from his egg, just barely post-TRY. Filia and Xellos react. This one I wrote in literally a five hour sitting, so it's less polished than the first two. LINK: http://amberpalette.deviantart.com/art/Pieces-of-His-Shell-Slayers-64976552

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