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Fanfictions, by demand

By demand of a couple of gracious ladies who attend this community, here are links to my XelFi fanfictions (two stories and one one-shot) at, respectively, and I would post them all here under a cut but I think it might be easier for everyone at this point to do it this way. :^)

"Limbo." My first XelFi story, and generally my most popular. A year or so post-TRY. Filia and Xellos give in to their weird but undeniable romantic attraction, and slowly but surely develop a real and enduring relationship. Disturbed by Filia's interference in Xellos's activities, the mazoku lords intervene. In the crossfires, Filia learns from Deep Sea Dolphin's mazoku general, Riksfalto (who appears in the manga Slayers: Knight of Aqualord), the shocking history of Xellos's origins--a history of which Xellos himself is unaware. What will Filia do with this new knowledge? LINK:

"Night Light." About five or six years post-TRY. Filia, newly made a Knight of Ceiphied by Luna Inverse, is brutally mauled by a monster and taken to an underground Golden Dragon temple by Dragon Elder Milgasia (who appears in NEXT) to convalesce. There is a chance she may die. Her adoptive son Valteira (formerly Valgaav) is deeply shaken and self-isolates. He has troubling recollections of his past life as a rampaging hybrid. After all the other Slayers prove incompetent or incompatible as surrogate parents to Val, Xellos steps in to assume a startlingly skillful paternal role. Can he help Val? This fic has gotten either rave reviews or flames. It is actually the one of which I am most proud. LINK:

"Pieces of His Shell." A one-shot. The reborn Valteira (formerly Valgaav) hatches from his egg, just barely post-TRY. Filia and Xellos react. This one I wrote in literally a five hour sitting, so it's less polished than the first two. LINK:
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